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Today's Update Promoting human rights through higher education Education is one of the most potent means to spread the message of human rights. The higher education institutions can play a pivotal role in strengthening the human rights movement.  
Why India Fails Again And Again
In their quest for SEZ-based development, the plight of the state engineering services remains ignored by both central and state governments.
Posted On : 2010-02-19 more
Countering terrorism in India - some policy suggestions
Several policy measures can be taken by the government on short-term and long-term basis to combat the menace and India must show political will-power backed by a sound strategy if it has to succeed.
Posted On : 2010-02-20 more
E-waste management – India must act now
For a sustainable solution to the problem of E-waste, India should evolve a recycling model on the lines of the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), prevalent in European countries.
Posted On : 2010-02-20 more
The Great Indian Political Inertia
The propensity of sticking to power at any cost is preventing the influx of young blood and new ideas in the Indian democracy. Is there a way out?
Posted On : 2010-02-20 more
Water pollution in India - Need of a new approach
The government should give subsidies and promote research to build cheaper water treatment plants, instead of spending funds on pollution control schemes, in order to effectively control water pollution.
Posted On : 2010-02-20 more
How technology can improve the delivery system
Illustrating the impact technology can have on the efficiency of the government set-up with the help of some practical examples.
Posted On : 2010-02-20 more
Tackling hunger in India: Make food a fundamental right
Even after 60 years of independence, all government schemes have failed to remove hunger in India. Only a well-defined law can prove to be a catalyst to change the current scenario.
Posted On : 2010-02-20 more
Launch The Mother of All Reforms – Tax Party Funds
Advocating a move that could prove to be the biggest blow to the corruption in high places.
Posted On : 2010-02-20 more
Molecular Farming - Prospects in developing countries
The article seeks to highlight the immense benefits of molecular farming and the need of commercial scale cultivation, in order to cater to the huge demand of pharmaceutical and agricultural products.
Posted On : 2010-02-20 more
RTDC – A model for tourism sector in India
Indian tourism industry, though competitive, is not without a few foibles and bottlenecks that includes cunning touts, inadequate facilities and pitiable infrastructure. In this regard, RTDC is a model to be emulated.
Posted On : 2010-02-20 more
C.K. Prahalad on Development Through Enterprise
"We have the opportunity in the next ten years to make a fundamental change to the nature of poverty and poverty alleviation through market-based, private sector-oriented solutions."
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Governance, at what price
Title of the book - GovernMint in India - An Inside View; Genre of the Book - Governance and Administration; Name of the Author - T.S.R. Subramanian; Name of the Publisher - Rupa & Co.; Selling Price of the Book - Rs. 395; Number of Pages - 208
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