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Countering terrorism in India – some suggestions

Several policy measures can be taken by the government on short-term and long-term basis to combat the menace and India must show political will-power backed by a sound strategy if it has to succeed.

By PPFI Team
January 20, 2009

Recent events in Mumbai, the commercial capital of India, have once again highlighted India's vulnerability to terrorist attacks. What is shocking is that despite the huge security machinery that exists in the country, the terrorists are striking at will on high-profile targets. Here are some short and long-term policy measures that can be taken up by the Indian government to combat the menace.

Only a sustained, long-term, well-planned and coordinated effort at all levels on the part of the government will lead to success against terrorism. India has succeeded against terrorism in the past in states like Punjab, Nagaland and Mizoram. It demonstrates that the battle against the menace can be decisively won if the country shows political will-power backed by a sound strategy.