Policy Proposals For India is a continuously evolving research effort that aims to reach out to academics, researchers, media professionals and policy makers at all levels in government and corporate sectors of India. The website essentially focuses on some of the most challenging issues the country is facing, and at the same time offers concrete policy suggestions that can help them in achieving rational outcomes in their endeavours. It houses articles on topics as wide as public administration, strategic affairs, economy, social development, education, health, environment and science & technology.

Illustrating the impact technology can have on the efficiency of the government set-up with the help of some practical examples.
Posted On : 2009-03-02 more

The story of transformation of a dry and rocky terrain into a thick forest which, if replicated on a large scale, can solve many of India’s environmental problems.
Posted On : 2009-02-25 more

Despite being a slow starter on the nanotechnology front, India must put in maximum resources possible for its potential to transform the lives of millions of people.
Posted On : 2009-02-02 more

India has the potential to become a biotechnology giant provided it ensures sufficient patent protection and availability of quality manpower to the industry.
Posted On : 2008-12-08 more

Floods will continue to havoc disaster in India unless ecological measures to manage them are not taken up on a long-term basis.
Posted On : 2008-11-30 more

Biodiversity of Kerala has immensely benefited the humankind for ages and must be preserved in a sustainable manner for future generations.
Posted On : 2008-11-20 more
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