Policy Proposals For India is a continuously evolving research effort that aims to reach out to academics, researchers, media professionals and policy makers at all levels in government and corporate sectors of India. The website essentially focuses on some of the most challenging issues the country is facing, and at the same time offers concrete policy suggestions that can help them in achieving rational outcomes in their endeavours. It houses articles on topics as wide as public administration, strategic affairs, economy, social development, education, health, environment and science & technology.

India, as per the international nomenclature, is a developing country. The article dwells on some of the important reforms needed to uplift the standards of education system in India.
Posted On : 2010-03-01 more

The age old stereotyped examination system in our country is fast deteriorating the academic atmosphere in the campus. The article discusses some urgent measures the stakeholders can take to stem the rot.
Posted On : 2010-02-01 more

Knowledge, which is at the heart of higher education, is a crucial resource in the development of political democracy, the struggle for social justice and progress towards individual enlightenment.
Posted On : 2009-12-15 more

An understanding of the destructive psychology behind ragging is critical to the efforts by the government agencies and educational institutions to eliminate the menace that plagues higher education institutions.
Posted On : 2009-12-15 more

India should lay down guidelines for the foreign education service providers to maintain quality standards in higher education and ensure relevance of the courses offered to the priorities of the country.
Posted On : 2009-12-01 more

"It is possible to stop population growth in a very short time by financially rewarding poor young women to delay pregnancies. No other existing scheme can match the effectiveness of this approach." – H.K. Gupta.
Posted On : 2009-09-20 more

To tackle the problem, India should adopt the system of "presumed consent" in which everyone, post death, is considered a donor unless one has opted out of the process in his lifetime.
Posted On : 2009-07-15 more

Even after 60 years of independence, all government schemes have failed to remove hunger in India. Only a well-defined law can prove to be a catalyst to change the current scenario.
Posted On : 2009-05-10 more

Unless the fundamental issues related to ragging (hazing), ignored for a long time, are not addressed with the right spirit, all measures to curb this menace will fail. A lowdown on what needs to be done.
Posted On : 2009-04-10 more

The government should give subsidies and promote research to build cheaper water treatment plants, instead of spending funds on pollution control schemes, in order to effectively control water pollution.
Posted On : 2009-02-16 more
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