Policy Proposals For India is a continuously evolving research effort that aims to reach out to academics, researchers, media professionals and policy makers at all levels in government and corporate sectors of India. The website essentially focuses on some of the most challenging issues the country is facing, and at the same time offers concrete policy suggestions that can help them in achieving rational outcomes in their endeavours. It houses articles on topics as wide as public administration, strategic affairs, economy, social development, education, health, environment and science & technology.

The per capita consumption of steel in India is between 1.2-1.5 kg only when compared to a global average of about 7 kg. Policy initiatives by the government are necessary in order to boost consumption.
Posted On : 2010-01-15 more

Indian tourism industry, though globally competitive, is not without a handful of foibles and bottlenecks. In this regard, Rajasthan Toursim Development Corporation stands out as a model to be emulated.
Posted On : 2009-11-15 more

World over, the Micro Small and Medium Enterprises or MSMEs have been recognised as engines of economic growth. To achieve the targeted 10 per cent economic growth, India must promote the MSMEs.
Posted On : 2009-11-01 more

India must make policy changes to encourage investment in a sector which has a huge foreign exchange and employment generation potential and can play a decisive role in combating the existing nutritional crisis.
Posted On : 2009-10-15 more

Currently, the hydroelectric power plants generate only 21 per cent of the electricity consumed in the country with 76 per cent of the total electricity being generated by the thermal power plants.
Posted On : 2009-09-01 more

Government must act quickly to implement the much-needed reforms in the real-estate sector to help it sail through the current economic downturn and act as the growth engine of Indian economy.
Posted On : 2009-08-20 more

Zero-Base budgeting stipulates that all the departments seeking financial allocations should justify their expenditures every year and hence becomes important in the present times when the Indian government is facing significant resource constraints.
Posted On : 2009-07-01 more

India can emerge as a global leader in the processed food industry if it focuses on the manufacturing and human resource and markets its products the way other global players in the segment are doing.
Posted On : 2009-04-20 more

The emphasis should be on evolving a growth model that is more inclusive, sustainable and tackles India's long-standing problems like lack of education and population growth.
Posted On : 2009-04-01 more

Banks should be encouraged to use technology and other innovative measures to tap the lower income and rural markets.
Posted On : 2009-01-15 more
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