Policy Proposals For India is a continuously evolving research effort that aims to reach out to academics, researchers, media professionals and policy makers at all levels in government and corporate sectors of India. The website essentially focuses on some of the most challenging issues the country is facing, and at the same time offers concrete policy suggestions that can help them in achieving rational outcomes in their endeavours. It houses articles on topics as wide as public administration, strategic affairs, economy, social development, education, health, environment and science & technology.

Education is one of the most potent means to spread the message of human rights. The higher education institutions can play a pivotal role in strengthening the human rights movement.
Posted On : 2010-03-15 more

Unless the scheme successfully generates productive assets in the rural areas, it will fail to meet its objectives. An analysis of the challenges and their possible solutions.
Posted On : 2009-12-01 more

Government organisations in India, unlike in the developed countries, play a vital role in the lives of the people. The large number of public holidays is a great impedance to India’s progress and must be reduced.
Posted On : 2009-10-01 more

India needs a leader who, instead of making tall claims, humbly accepts his limitations as a leader and can motivate the citizens to overcome theirs individually and collectively by way of positive action.
Posted On : 2009-08-01 more

The article seeks to highlight some of the anomalies in the selection process of the civil services examination conducted by Union Public Service Commission and suggest corrective measures to rectify them.
Posted On : 2009-06-20 more

Free and fair elections form the basis of a healthy democracy and India must adopt all the widely discussed and acceptable electoral reforms at the earliest to strengthen its democratic foundations.
Posted On : 2009-05-20 more

"Sixty two years after winning independence, India waits to be free again. To be freed from criminals who have muscled their way into power" – an appeal from the Public Interest Foundation.
Posted On : 2009-03-25 more

If the demand is not attended to, it runs the risk of leading to a detrimental effect on the good morale and motivation of the armed forces personnel, who are all future pensioners.
Posted On : 2009-03-10 more

Several policy measures can be taken by the government on short-term and long-term basis to combat the menace and India must show political will-power backed by a sound strategy if it has to succeed.
Posted On : 2009-01-20 more

In their quest for SEZ-based development, the plight of the state engineering services remains ignored by both central and state governments.
Posted On : 2009-01-01 more
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