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RTDC – A model for the tourism sector in India

Indian tourism industry, though globally competitive, is not without a handful of foibles and bottlenecks. In this regard, Rajasthan Toursim Development Corporation stands out as a model to be emulated.

By PPFI Team

November 15, 2009

If someone in India is looking for ways in which a government sector undertaking can be efficiently run, Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation (RTDC) would be among only a handful of extraordinary successes. Its lineage can be traced back to as early as 1978 when it was incorporated as a Private Limited Company under the Indian Companies Act 1956.

From the impressive and helpful website providing detailed tour itineraries, fairs and festivals and package tours like Palace on Wheels and Royal Rajasthan on Wheels to the world class tourist infrastructure and hospitality, RTDC ensures that those visiting Rajasthan have a memorable experience from the time they plan their trip its end. And in the process, it has become the catalysis of a change in the lives of the people associated with tourism industry in the state. The motto of Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation, as enshrined in another version of its abbreviated name RTDC is (R – Respect, T – Trustworthiness, D – Dedication, C - Care).

Rajasthan, today, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country with one-third of all the foreign tourists making it a part of their tour schedule.The website of RTDC swells with pride to mention, “Travel anywhere in Rajasthan and you are never too far from any one of the numerous RTDC facilities available throughout the colourful state”. What has distinguished RTDC from other similar organisations is the careful planning that went into every aspect of running the tourism sector in the state. Be it marketing, establishing a vast network of hotels, maintaining exceptionally high standards of service, entering into strategic tie-ups or providing innovative schemes which bring in more revenues, the organisation is a model to emulate.  

Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation offers a vast network of Hotels/Motels throughout Rajasthan which are strategically located and come in low budget, economy and deluxe ranges. Delicious cuisine and availability of a choicest range of liquor adds to the visitor's enchantment. What makes the experience of a visitor coming to an RTDC hotel or motel memorable is that he gets a chance to relive the true spirit of the erstwhile royalty.

Apart from providing excellent hospitality, thus earning applause for the tourism industry, another area where RTDC has made an immense contribution is promoting the rich cultural heritage of the state of Rajasthan. By providing world class facilities and a comfortable stay to the tourists even in the far flung locations, it has put places like Nagaur, Jaisalmer, Pushkar and Jhalarapatan on the world map. By focusing on the various fairs and festivals of the state, RTDC has played a huge role in promoting and popularising folk songs & dances, indigenous food recipes and handicrafts of the state.

A critical aspect that has fostered RTDC’s success is constant innovation in providing unmatched experience of the royal lifestyle of the erstwhile princely states to the visitors. No wonder that the two heritage trains it runs – the Palace on Wheels and the Royal Rajasthan on Wheels – are now included amongst the top-ten most luxurious trains in the world. Though visitors will vouch for the comfortable journey provided by the luxurious air-conditioned buses and the joy of the camel or elephant ride, the experience of traveling by these luxurious trains is unmatched.

Its beautifully crafted interiors and attendants & staff dressed in the royal attire takes the visitor to a journey of a bygone era. The trains have facilities like air-conditioned saloons, well stocked bars, multi-cuisine restaurants, indoor games, lounge, mailbox, medical aid, shopping and internet facilities along with attendants or “Khidmadgaars” to take care of all the needs of tourists like baggage collection and wheel-chairs and crutches for the disabled. One needs to book a trip on these luxury trains some 8-10 months in advance.

The innovative approach of the dynamic RTDC management in its quest for providing a memorable experience to the tourists comes to the fore again in schemes like camping on locations like the banks of the beautiful and romantic lakes of Udaipur or deep in the heart of the Jaisalmer desert or on the banks of Gavdi Talab, Jhalawar. It has also entered into strategic arrangement with other government and private sector agencies in order to expand its network as well as the services it provides.

India, with its rich cultural heritage and numerous archeological monuments across its length and breadth, can emerge as one of the most preferred tourist destinations in the world. However infrastructure bottlenecks coupled with lack of efficient marketing has hampered its growth in the tourism sector. In this regard, the Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation has shown the kind of growth and prosperity the sector can bring if vision of the management is backed by the dedication and professionalism of the staff.

For more information about Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation, please visit - www.rtdc.in

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