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Today's Update Promoting human rights through higher education Education is one of the most potent means to spread the message of human rights. The higher education institutions can play a pivotal role in strengthening the human rights movement.  
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For Quality Assurance in the Higher Education
Knowledge, which is at the heart of higher education, is a crucial resource in the development of political democracy, the struggle for social justice and progress towards individual enlightenment.
Posted On : 2009-12-15 more
National Rural Employment Guarantee Act – A review
Unless the scheme successfully generates productive assets in the rural areas, it will fail to meet its objectives. An analysis of the challenges and their possible solutions.
Posted On : 2009-12-01 more
Is it Ragging or ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ in our colleges?
An understanding of the destructive psychology behind ragging is critical to the efforts by the government agencies and educational institutions to eliminate the menace that plagues higher education institutions.
Posted On : 2009-12-15 more
Foreign Universities – Academic and administrative audit
India should lay down guidelines for the foreign education service providers to maintain quality standards in higher education and ensure relevance of the courses offered to the priorities of the country.
Posted On : 2009-12-01 more
RTDC – A model for the tourism sector in India
Indian tourism industry, though globally competitive, is not without a handful of foibles and bottlenecks. In this regard, Rajasthan Toursim Development Corporation stands out as a model to be emulated.
Posted On : 2009-11-15 more
MSMEs in India – Fueling these engines of economic growth
World over, the Micro Small and Medium Enterprises or MSMEs have been recognised as engines of economic growth. To achieve the targeted 10 per cent economic growth, India must promote the MSMEs.
Posted On : 2009-11-01 more
Horticulture sector in India: Opportunities and challenges
India must make policy changes to encourage investment in a sector which has a huge foreign exchange and employment generation potential and can play a decisive role in combating the existing nutritional crisis.
Posted On : 2009-10-15 more
Public holidays in India – A bane on the economy
Government organisations in India, unlike in the developed countries, play a vital role in the lives of the people. The large number of public holidays is a great impedance to India’s progress and must be reduced.
Posted On : 2009-10-01 more
A novel road map for population control in India
"It is possible to stop population growth in a very short time by financially rewarding poor young women to delay pregnancies. No other existing scheme can match the effectiveness of this approach." – H.K. Gupta.
Posted On : 2009-09-20 more
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C.K. Prahalad on Development Through Enterprise
"We have the opportunity in the next ten years to make a fundamental change to the nature of poverty and poverty alleviation through market-based, private sector-oriented solutions."
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Governance, at what price
Title of the book - GovernMint in India - An Inside View; Genre of the Book - Governance and Administration; Name of the Author - T.S.R. Subramanian; Name of the Publisher - Rupa & Co.; Selling Price of the Book - Rs. 395; Number of Pages - 208