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Today's Update OROP – For guardians of security & integrity of India If the demand is not attended to, it runs the risk of leading to a detrimental effect on the good morale and motivation of the armed forces personnel, who are all future pensioners.  
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Banking sector in India – need for reforms
Banks should be encouraged to use technology and other innovative measures to tap the lower income and rural markets.
Posted On : 2009-01-15 more
Why India Fails Again And Again
In their quest for SEZ-based development, the plight of the state engineering services remains ignored by both central and state governments.
Posted On : 2009-01-01 more
Migration in India – a cause of socio-ethnic friction
In India, more people migrate due to lack of opportunities in their native place rather than a spirit of exploration, creating social problems in the region they move to.
Posted On : 2008-12-23 more
Human trafficking in India
Human trafficking, world's third largest illegal activity after smuggling of drugs and weapons, continues to thrive despite adequate legal provisions.
Posted On : 2008-12-15 more
Biotechnology in India. The prospects
India has the potential to become a biotechnology giant provided it ensures sufficient patent protection and availability of quality manpower to the industry.
Posted On : 2008-12-08 more
Flood management in India
Floods will continue to havoc disaster in India unless ecological measures to manage them are not taken up on a long-term basis.
Posted On : 2008-11-30 more
Preserving Biodiversity in Kerala
Biodiversity of Kerala has immensely benefited the humankind for ages and must be preserved in a sustainable manner for future generations.
Posted On : 2008-11-20 more
Problems of Indian sports. No child's play
The government should withdraw itself from running sports at the senior level and focus on encouraging it at the grassroots.
Posted On : 2008-11-19 more
The issue of jobless growth. How to tackle?
The government must give top priority to the agriculture and manufacturing sector in order to keep a check on the rising unemployment in India.
Posted On : 2008-11-18 more
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C.K. Prahalad on Development Through Enterprise
"We have the opportunity in the next ten years to make a fundamental change to the nature of poverty and poverty alleviation through market-based, private sector-oriented solutions."
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Governance, at what price
Title of the book - GovernMint in India - An Inside View; Genre of the Book - Governance and Administration; Name of the Author - T.S.R. Subramanian; Name of the Publisher - Rupa & Co.; Selling Price of the Book - Rs. 395; Number of Pages - 208