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Today's Update Organ transplantation in India: Bridging demand-supply gap To tackle the problem, India should adopt the system of "presumed consent" in which everyone, post death, is considered a donor unless one has opted out of the process in his lifetime.  
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Indian food industry: A Recipe for its global success
India can emerge as a global leader in the processed food industry if it focuses on the manufacturing and human resource and markets its products the way other global players in the segment are doing.
Posted On : 2009-04-20 more
Combating ragging in educational institutions
Unless the fundamental issues related to ragging (hazing), ignored for a long time, are not addressed with the right spirit, all measures to curb this menace will fail. A lowdown on what needs to be done.
Posted On : 2009-04-10 more
Taming the global economic crisis – Some suggestions
The emphasis should be on evolving a growth model that is more inclusive, sustainable and tackles India's long-standing problems like lack of education and population growth.
Posted On : 2009-04-01 more
Criminalisation of politics – Can it be stopped?
"Sixty two years after winning independence, India waits to be free again. To be freed from criminals who have muscled their way into power" – an appeal from the Public Interest Foundation.
Posted On : 2009-03-25 more
OROP – For guardians of security & integrity of India
If the demand is not attended to, it runs the risk of leading to a detrimental effect on the good morale and motivation of the armed forces personnel, who are all future pensioners.
Posted On : 2009-03-10 more
Technology transforms governance and improves delivery
Illustrating the impact technology can have on the efficiency of the government set-up with the help of some practical examples.
Posted On : 2009-03-02 more
IHP campus in Jhansi – An eco-environment model to emulate
The story of transformation of a dry and rocky terrain into a thick forest which, if replicated on a large scale, can solve many of India’s environmental problems.
Posted On : 2009-02-25 more
Water pollution in India – Need of a new approach
The government should give subsidies and promote research to build cheaper water treatment plants, instead of spending funds on pollution control schemes, in order to effectively control water pollution.
Posted On : 2009-02-16 more
Using Nanotechnology for India's development
Despite being a slow starter on the nanotechnology front, India must put in maximum resources possible for its potential to transform the lives of millions of people.
Posted On : 2009-02-02 more
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C.K. Prahalad on Development Through Enterprise
"We have the opportunity in the next ten years to make a fundamental change to the nature of poverty and poverty alleviation through market-based, private sector-oriented solutions."
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Governance, at what price
Title of the book - GovernMint in India - An Inside View; Genre of the Book - Governance and Administration; Name of the Author - T.S.R. Subramanian; Name of the Publisher - Rupa & Co.; Selling Price of the Book - Rs. 395; Number of Pages - 208